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Valley Cottage, NY 10989
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This is to record our sincere appreciation and gratitude to the wonderful staff at the Tolstoy Foundation Nursing Home in Valley Cottage, NY. We were visiting our father who was admitted there, and during the several occasions we were in… Read more “This is to record our”

Remani Mathew and Mathew Joseph

Dear Dorothy: I am writing on behalf of the family of my father, who was a patient at Tolstoy from June 6 to July 26, when he sadly passed away. We cannot say enough about the excellent care he received… Read more “Dear Dorothy: I am writing”

Dear Dottie, Thank you so much for being so kind to me. Everybody is great there from all departments. Thanks again!

Dear Dorothy: Just a short note to thank you and your excellent staff for your kindness and consideration in helping us celebrate our 59th wedding anniversary. God bless you and thank you.

To Everyone on the 2nd floor: Because you’ve been so very nice, it’s difficult to say – How much appreciation is in this card today,
so this is meant to tell you “thanks” and then to tell you, too,… Read more “To Everyone on the 2nd”

Dear Dorothy, Yesterday, my sister Rosemary (Fenton) Stokes and I visited a Resident at TFRNC. Upon arrival, we found her sitting primly in her chair, with a smile on her face, looking out the window. After a minute of though,… Read more “Dear Dorothy, Yesterday, my sister”

Jeanmarie (Fenton) Grahn

Dear Dorothy: On behalf of our entire family, thank you for the Mass card in dad’s honor. We will never forget the wonderful treatment dad received at Tolstoy. You and your entire staff could not have done more to make… Read more “Dear Dorothy: On behalf of”

Dear Dorothy: I wanted to take this time to to thank you for all the caring, kindness and help throughout my mother’s, and my children’s grandmother’s stay at Tolstoy Nursing Home for the past 12+ years. I’m very grateful for… Read more “Caring Kindness and Help”

Dear Dottie, Thank you so much for being so kind to me. Everybody is great there from all departments. Thanks again!

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Guidelines of Nursing Homes

In a group setting it becomes necessary to accept certain restrictions and limitations in order to ensure the well being of all Residents. It is in this spirit that the following guidelines have been established:

  • Preferred visiting hours – 8 AM to 8 PM. All visitors are requested to sign in the Visitors Book on the level of entry.
  • Upon arrival, visitors are requested to inform the Charge Nurse of any items being brought to Residents.
  • We request immediate notification, to Social Services, of changes in business or home telephone numbers, or addresses, for next of kin/responsible persons. This is especially important in an emergency situation requiring that we make contact.
  • Outings are encouraged. However, it is necessary to advise the Charge Nurse ahead of time so that medications are available and any necessary clearances obtained from the Attending Physician.
  • Please inform the nursing staff in advance of plans to take Residents away overnight. This is necessary to ensure that the Attending Physician has been informed, deems it appropriate, and gives written approval. In addition, meals must be canceled and sufficient medication supplied for the duration of the outing.
  • Residents are discouraged from keeping food in their rooms. The kitchen staff is glad to bring snacks or accommodate special requests (within reason and pursuant to prescribed diets) so long as they emanate from the Charge Nurse.
  • Clothing brought to a Resident must be given to the Charge Nurse so it can be properly labeled, inventoried, and receipt documented.
  • Please do not tip. Staff who accept gratuities or tips are subject to disciplinary action. Verbal expressions or letters of thanks are appreciated and recommended.
  • Visitors are expected to adhere to Privacy of Resident Care. Prior to entering a room, they are expected to knock and will be requested to leave the room when care is provided.

It is expected that Tolstoy Rehabilitation and Nursing Center Residents will:

  • actively participate in the Medical Care Plan and in discharge planning, as able and appropriate.
  • recognize and respect the personal rights and private property of other Residents.
  • provide medical insurance coverage.
  • be responsible for burial arrangements and provisions.
  • provide for personal needs not covered within the basic bed rate.
  • comply with the safety rules of the institution.