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All admissions and services shall be provided in compliance with New York State and Federal laws which prohibit discrimination based on race, sex, handicap, disability, color, creed, blindness, religion, national origin, source of payment, marital status, age, sexual preference. It is mutually agreed upon to comply with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act and with the Americans with Disabilities Act which were effected 7-1-92.

Tolstoy Foundation Rehabilitation and Nursing Center admits applicants in need of skilled nursing care, as well as those in need of short-term or long-term rehabilitation. The basis of need is ascertained by intradepartmental review of a standardized form, the Patient Review Instrument (PRI).

Complete disclosure of information, as requested on the various application forms, serves to expedite the admissions process. In the best interest of a candidate, we encourage submission of all medical records including names and addresses of physicians either now caring for, or having cared for the individual in the past.

Our Philosophy

In every aspect of being, the Center views the Resident as an entire person; with individual strengths and impairments; one who – like each of us – has physical, cultural, emotional, spiritual and social needs as well as potentials. It is to this end that we try to stay focused.

Non-Smoking Facility

TFRNC is a non-smoking facilities.


TFRNC is a 96-bed facility with 42 double occupancy rooms, 2 four-bed accommodations, and 8 single rooms. The single rooms are assigned at the discretion of the nursing department, for isolation and in other appropriate situations.

Each Resident is assigned a closet, night table, chest of drawers and toiletry cabinet; the desk in each room is shared. Personal radios and televisions are permitted after being checked by maintenance to ensure safe wiring.


Bedroom closets are sometimes inadequate for Resident needs; therefore limited storage space is made available in other areas of the facility. It is strongly recommended that items of value be delivered to the Business Office for safekeeping. Valuables kept in a Resident’s room are the responsibility of the Resident, thus we encourage Residents to request a lock for the storage area if they prefer to keep valuables in their room.

Food Services

Meals and snacks are prepared in accordance with dietary restrictions, under the supervision of a Registered Dietitian. Individual preferences are considered and accommodated to the extent possible and permitted medically. For those wishing to adhere to the Jewish dietary laws, kosher meals will be served.

Nourishment stations, supplied with snacks and juice, are located on each of the four wings. In addition to regular meals, an evening snack is provided.


Appointments for Residents who wish a haircut, permanent, or other of the services offered at the beauty shop, located on the Upper Level, are scheduled every other Thursday. Fees are the responsibility of the Resident.


We provide a safe environment with security-controlled exit doors and insist upon accompaniment for any Resident wishing to go outside of the building.

Commissary Services

Semi-annually, portable clothing stores visit the our community, offering a variety of items specifically designed for nursing home residents. Social Services also keeps catalogs from which clothing and other items may be ordered throughout the year.

Religious Services

Russian Orthodox Church services are held on premise and more frequently transmitted, from St. Sergius of Radonezh Russian Orthodox Church, to the main Resident dining room. This allows Residents to actively participate in spiritual life even if unable to be taken to nearby St. Sergius Church. For Residents able to attend services in Church, arrangements must be made for accompaniment by either a staff or family member.

Catholic Mass is celebrated on premise monthly, and on Christmas and Easter; communion is distributed by Eucharistic Ministers on Sundays and as requested. Arrangements can be made to ensure that spiritual needs are met for Residents of other faiths – families/friends may contact the Activity Department for such arrangements.

Resident Council

The main purpose of the Resident Council is to involve Residents and staff members in the betterment of our community.

Bed Retention/Bedhold

When a Resident is hospitalized, resident or authorized contact, can choose to pay privately for a bedhold.

Financial Arrangements

The day of admission is charged for, but not the day of discharge. For private-pay Residents, one month pre-payment is due upon admission and payment thereafter on the first of each month.

Residents receiving financial assistance are permitted by NYS Department of Social Services to retain a specified amount of money for personal expenses such as clothing, haircuts, candy, etc. The balance of the Resident’s income is applied toward the cost of nursing home care.

Upon discharge from TFRNC, personal funds belonging to the Resident will be returned to the Resident, next of kin, or other responsible party as expeditiously as possible, but no later than 60 days after discharge. Appropriate notifications will be made if a delay is anticipated or if it exists due to third-party payee problems.

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Our Mission

The Board of Directors, Administrators, and Staff of the Tolstoy Foundation Rehabilitation and Nursing Center are committed to providing our Residents with the highest quality of health and personal care services, at reasonable and cost- effective rates.

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